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Being God

There is nothing in this robe I am wearing except Allah. Al-Bistami

He who penetrates into himself, and so transcends himself, ascends truly to God.  Albertus Magnus

He walks without feet, He sees without eyes, He hears without ears, and eats without a mouth.  Ananda Mayi Ma

You should know (God) without image, unmediated and without likeness. But if I am to know God without mediation in such a way, then 'I' must become 'he', and 'he' must become 'I'. More precisely I say: God must become me and I must become God, so entirely one that 'he' and this 'I' become one 'is' and act in this 'isness' as one, for this 'he' and this 'I', that is God and the soul, are very fruitful as we eternally do one work.  Meister Eckhart

The eye by which I see God is the same as the eye by which God sees me. My eye and God's eye are one and the same - one in seeing, one in knowing, one in loving.  Meister Eckhart

When we see God we see him not by reason, but by something that is higher than reason. It is impossible, however, to say about him who sees that he sees, because he does not behold and discern two different things. He changes completely, ceases to be himself, preserves nothing of his I. Immersed in God, he constitutes one whole with him; like the centre of a circle, which coincides with the centre of another circle.  Plotinus, 'Letters to Flaccus'

Man is a creature who has received the command to be God.  St Basil the Great

No one can imagine the solitude which reigns in this wilderness, no-one at all. No thought can enter here, not a word of all the learned treatises on the Holy Trinity with which people busy themselves so much. Not a single word. So inward is it, so infinitely remote, and so untouched by time and space. This ground is simple and without differentiation, and when one enters here, it will seem as if one has been here from all eternity, and as if united to God, be it only for an instant. This experience sheds light and bears witness that man was everlasting in God, before his creation in time. When he was in Him, he was God in God.  Tauler

Free art thou from modifications; independent, calm, without dimension or form, imperturbable, thy nature unimaginable Intelligence. Know thyself to be pure Consciousness.  Ashtavakra Gita

God lives within a light
Beyond all paths and roads;
No one shall see him, then,
Save he whose light is God's.  Angelus Silesius

I am that I am.  Exodus

Supreme, beyond the power of speech to express, Brahman may yet be apprehended by the eye of pure illumination. Pure, absolute and eternal Reality such is Brahman, and 'thou art That'.  Shankara

There is no other Buddha for him that knows himself.  Attributed to Kanaka

He who knows himself sees his whole existence to be His existence, and does not see any change take place in his own essence or attributes, seeing that he was not the existence of his essence, but was merely ignorant of the knowledge of himself. For when you 'know yourself', your egoism is taken away and you know that you are not other than God. For, if you had had an independent existence, so that you did not require to cease to be or to 'know yourself', then you would be a Lord. God forbid that He should have created a Lord beside Himself.  Ibn 'Arabi

Few ever come to know the apex of the spirit and the hidden fund or depth of the soul. It is far more inward and sublime than are the three higher faculties, for it is their origin. It is wholly simple, essential, and uniform, and so there is not multiplicity in it, but unity, and in it the three higher faculties are one thing. Here is perfect tranquillity, deepest silence, because never can any image enter here. By this depth, in which the divine image lies hidden, we are deiform. This same depth is called the heaven of the spirit, for the Kingdom of God is in it, as the Lord said: 'The Kingdom of God is within you'; and the Kingdom of God is God Himself with all His riches. Therefore this naked and unfigured depth is above all created things, and is raised above all senses and faculties; it transcends place and time, abiding by a certain perpetual adhesion in God its beginning; yet it is essentially within us, because it is the abyss of the mind and its most inward essence. This depth, which the uncreated light ever irradiates, when it is laid open to a man and begins to shine on him, powerfully affects and attracts him… May God, the uncreated Abyss, vouchsafe to call unto Himself our spirit, the created abyss, and make it one with Him, that our spirit, plunged in the deep sea of the Godhead, may happily lose itself in the Spirit of God.  Blosius

No created light can touch this ground and illumine it, for it is truly God's home and dwelling-place. The whole of creation would not fill or plumb this void, nothing created could ever penetrate it or fulfil its yearnings. God alone can fill it with His divine immensity. This abyss of the soul belongs to the divine abyss, to nothing else.  Tauler

Just as a human body has different parts such as the head, the hands, thighs, feet, fingers and toes, I find all of you representing my various limbs.  Ananda Mayi Ma

In God alone can man meet man.  George Macdonald

The Godhead is poor, naked and empty as though it were not; it has not, wills not, wants not, works not, gets not. It is God who has the treasure and the bride in him, the Godhead is as void as though it were not.  Meister Eckhart

There is a distinction and differentiation, according to our reason, between God and the Godhead, between action and rest. The fruitful nature of the Persons (Trinity) ever worketh in a living differentiation. But the simple Being of God, according to the nature thereof, is an eternal Rest of God and of all created things.  Ruysbroeck

Beyond this, he is led into another Heaven which is the divine Essence itself, where the [human] spirit loses itself so completely that no trace of the self remains. What happens to him there, what he experiences and enjoys, no man can ever tell or conceive or understand. Indeed, how could the mind ever grasp such a thing? Even the spirit of man cannot comprehend it, for so submerged is it now into the divine ground that it knows nothing, feels nothing, understands nothing but God alone in His simple, pure, undisguised Unity.  Tauler

It is not a matter of becoming but of Being. Ramana Maharshi

God has nowhere to put his goodness if not in me - no place to put himself entire, if not in me. And by this means I am the exemplar of salvation, and what is more, I am the salvation itself of every creature, and the glory of God. Marguerite Porete.

When you see yourself
and someone else
as one being,
when you know the most joyful day
and the most terrible night
as one moment, then
awareness is alone
with its Lord.

My me is God, nor do I recognise any other Me except my God Himself. St Catherine of Genoa.  

Your duty is to be and not to be this or that. 'I am that I am' sums up the whole truth. The method is summed up in the words 'Be still'. What does stillness mean? It means destroy yourself. Because any form or shape is the cause for trouble. Give up the notion that 'I am so and so'. All that is required to realize the Self is to be still. What can be easier than that? Ramana Maharishi 

When I am transported into God, then God is mine and all he has. Meister Eckhart  


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