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If you want to meet others in person who value the headless way, you are on the right page :-)

Between Christmas & New Year Richard is hosting the free online The Headless Café... Curious?

4 Wednesday evenings with Richard Lang in North London (Stoke Newington) starting February 15, 2023. Information and Registration

Day Workshop in Lelystad, Holland, Sunday January 22 (2023)  with Richard Lang. Information and booking

Regular Saturday morning meetings (the first Saturday of the month) in north London with Richard Lang. Free. Contact Richard for more information.

There are also regular social meetings for headless folk in a cafe on the South Bank, by the Thames, in London. These are on the third Saturday of the month, at 2pm at the Riverside Cafe on the South Bank. Information from Rick

There are regular meetings in Perth, Western Australia with Sam and Mary and friends. Contact Sam.

There are 2 Salisbury Gatherings (England) in 2023, in April and July. A stunning location and a great venue. Information here

The next American Gathering will be in Oregon, on the coast, August 11--14, 2023. More information to be announced soon.

If you would like to organise a workshop with Richard, please contact him. Thank you.

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