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I discovered recently that when feeling the back of my head while asking myself where it was I was looking from, I "saw" that my "looking" was from an indeterminate region "behind" the mental image conjured up as a result of the tactile sensation of the hands on the back of the skull. S. USA.

I was reminded this morning (or, shall I say, a thought appeared in the awareness) of when I was in Occupational Therapy school, an instructor said that children have to be taught who/what they are... that’s your nose, ear, eyes, etc... and, while looking in a mirror they do not connect that is who they are... it is learned...   I touched my nose, eyes, and ears this morning as if a child who is being told that’s your nose, ears, eyes, etc... so, a child learns the sensation of pressure in the middle of the no-face is "their" nose... fascinating! Samantha.

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