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Nothing Special

I've been reading Douglas' essay, "Results of Seeing Who You Really Are". So much speaks to me in this essay - especially the ordinariness. Lately when I'm singing in my choir, I have the odd experience of enjoying myself tremendously while feeling that nothing special is happening - there is a lucid, peaceful feeling of "nothing special". Once I might have mistaken this for something lacking, but now I'm opening to this as a quality of my Being - just how things are - nothing lacking. And it actually is more basic than the display that is going on: the display of self/not-self is like a movie on the three-dimensional invisible screen of this "nothing special".

Hope this makes sense.

Now that I think of it, it's "happening" not only in my choir but many places and times. Hmm. Knowing me I'll turn this into something special! (Smile) C. Australia

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