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Talking about past posts, I was touched and helped several years ago by a post by Richard where he spoke about the "width" while experiencing feelings of sadness, loneliness, etc. Our original being is bigger, wider than those feelings. One could also talk about "depth".... Lately I have chosen to sit while in the midst of red, crazy anger, in order to explore the "depth" behind the intense feelings, the transparency where they appear . Interesting to explore suffering, to say the least. E.C.

If a way to ameliorate depression arises, that is also part of what is given or presented to your awareness. There is no need to reject it. If depression is "natural", so is its remedy - all of it out there. The awareness here can reject nothing. Here I take in the problem and the remedy. Here I am free of them too. "Here" is not the solution. The solution is always out there.

I find that even when a "problem" (depression, anger, fear) presents itself, the bliss of This emptiness here is present too. Anxiety over some problem does not cover up the bliss here, which is not an emotion at all; it can"t even be called happiness. But it can be a resource. Seeing This as well as that (the "problem") has to help. Seeing the total view has to help in some ways, ways we don"t know ahead of time. Just an opinion, J.C. USA

Yes, life pulsates in an ebb and flow rhythm; sometimes, and perhaps less frequently, with moments of boundless expansiveness, as you so beautifully described, but often-times with wave upon wave of obsessive contractions. Unfortunately, there is nothing that "you" can do about it. After all, You are it! All of It! May the early morning dew settle on you. L.M. USA

I especially loved when you asked Douglas if seeing what he really was gave him peace. And he said, "No, it shows me that I am peace!" I've found that it is the only thing I can count on to be true to me. Whenever I am in distress I can ask myself if my peace is still there, and without a doubt it always proves to be there. The distress disolves and I know it wasn't real. Only the peace is real. It requires nothing to maintain it. And what a great reminder that awareness of this peace doesn't depend on how you feel or what you are doing. Linda

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