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B., I was thinking more yesterday about what you had written, and your request for pointers "for stepping out of a personal willing". I was thinking along the lines of asymmetry, and for some reason I was wondering about how to point to "being". Not just "seeing" who I am, but "being" who I am. This may be just linguistics! I was outside in the lovely weather we had yesterday, having a cup of tea before I practised tai chi. It crossed my mind that applying asymmetry meant "being to no-being". If this is "being" here, then everything else is no-being, or non-being. Or in Buddhist terms, "becoming". The only place to find being is here, inside everything, at the heart of everything, this side of that tree, or this thought.

This reminds me of something from Meister Eckhart. Everything has its special function. That tree"s function is to tree. This cup"s function is to cup. The special function of God is Being. No-one and nothing else has this function. God is is-ing away! R.L. UK

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