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Appearance and Reality

I conducted a choral concert today, and had the overwhelming experience of First-Person Empty-Center that conducting brings. You stand up there with all those faces of the choir in front of you, and your arms, wide apart, seem to hold them all. And you are somehow "sourcing" its occurring, yet doing nothing and being nothing - when you remind them to look at you, you have to remind yourself, "For them, there's something here to look at." And then there is clapping, and taking a bow, and who is here being acknowledged? Who did that? It remains a mystery, sometimes even uncomfortably so. J.H. USA.

When I point to my original face I don't find "nothing" nor do I find "everything". What I truly find is "everything-nothing". The way I see it, there's no experiencing nothing as something separate from everything. To me ( in my experience) they are both the same. Silence and space are the same , though I can't see/hear either of them. I used to think that to see a my "self" I need to look in the mirror. How wrong I  was. Now when I point to my face I find (my)Self, God, and Everything-Nothing undiffrentiated. Christian.

Meeting Face to No-Face can apply not only to conflicts with other people, but to personal challenges as well. It's a way of seeing more clearly, coming out of the 'MIST', the acronym of the affirmation below. 

My lack of Assurance
Is because of my View –
So we'll meet Face to No-Face
To see things Anew.


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