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Life seems like a workshop sometimes. I live in a small community and about a month ago we all decided that it was time to move on. So we put our house up for sale and got a good offer within a week. That was fast! I went out looking for somewhere to move to with my wife, and spent a rainy cold gloomy November day looking at places in north London. I felt gloomy myself after this! They say that moving house is one of the major changes we face in life (getting married is another, having a child, dying!) and the insecurity of not-knowing where we were going to live shook me deeply. I felt grief too about leaving my home and all the people who live here - like leaving a family.

One of the realisations that has arisen out of this - or is still arising, since the process is not over because we haven't found a new place yet - is that my True nature was not shaken. It's a bit like the spinning experiment - the world moves but this One stays still. In the process of change I am experiencing, I notice that the one steady place is here at my source. On one level this doesn't seem to make any difference outwardly - it hasn't washed away the insecurity just like that. And yet its presence deep down within me makes a difference. How would I be if I was unaware of this Centre? I am glad that I see it.

The other part of the experiment is about trust. Trusting that things will work out well. I am in process with this too. Can this One be trusted? It has taken care of me up till now, by and large, but what about this time?

One of the questions that follows on from this for me is Who am I trusting? This part of the experiment has involved having another look here! What or who is here, nearer to me than my breathing, and nearer than my doubts and fears? R.L. UK

R., thank you for sharing this with us. Indeed why should it wash away this type of insecurity? Would you act without the tension that we call need? The so-called outer is always a disequilibrium - that's the dance, as I'm sure you appreciate. The centre sees it for what it is, eh? All the best with your move and new phase of your life. Chris, Australia.

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