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Conflict Resolution

I swim a lot. Usually, the swimming pool is quite crowded with people. One day I was swimming with my head full of thoughts. I bumped into people and got really very annoyed. Why wasn't there space for me? I got too angry, so I left the swimming pool. Two days later I went to the pool again. This time, I paid attention to who was swimming. Was it me, a person in a bathing suit? Needing space and wanting other people out of her way? I noticed the water passing by, people passing by, and also, that this time here was no confrontation. What a relief, it wasn't the others who needed to get out of the way, it was simply little me! Hilde.

The thought occurred to me
in spreading the "Wordless" that face to no-face could be an incredible tool to use in mediation work. As a state court judge who has to deal with conflict on a daily basis, I have found that so many of the experiments help me in dealing with it all without becoming jaded. Especially though it seems that face to no-face is an excellent way of helping disputing people to resolve amicably their differences.

I refer many cases to mediation, with mixed results. But it seems that if mediation could be done with a skilled mediator who could get the disputing parties to lose their faces, real progress could be made in the effort to find peace, even if it is at the local level. But perhaps that is where it has to start anyway. I'm curious if you know of any one who has attempted this in mediation work, and especially how it could be approached. The area where it might be most applicable is in domestic relations. But it also could be very helpful in any number of other types of disputes as well, both legal and non-legal. W. USA.

who is aware of both ends of the bag?
who is aware of form and emptiness?
consider this and form and emptiness cease being enemies
and begin to dance and dance and dance.

S.M. Canada

I have just recently after a dark night of the soul experience come back to reawaken myself to it. I am exploring it in my interactions with others (non-confrontational, head to no-head).  A situation in my work life has come up in which I will need this more than go to the place of no-boss, no-thing.... and the space that is the capacity for everything.... I have been really playing with that all actions come from this no-thing and then am trying to find the deeper meaning to why things are happening "for" what are the lessons and how will I grow from this experience. Although trying at has helped so much. Richard.

Douglas Harding's work provided an all-at-once solution to a problem that vexed me for years. (Of course, the "me" I thought I was turned out to be a mere speck of a phantom, stirring up the dust...). Now there's simply the seeing, and a reminder that's it's all perfect. And if the "speck" begins stirring, it's an amusement to observe it's follies, all the while resting in speckless tranquility. Peace and Harmony, Wm.

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