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What is deep sleep? Isn't it a thought or concept similar to the concept of having a head? It makes sense for 3rd persons. It's taught to us in childhood. Just as I can see I have no head just by looking, simple experiments can convince me that I don't sleep. I am tired. I go to bed. I see that the clock reads 10pm. I may have some dreams. I look at the clock again. It's now 6am. There is no interruption of consciousness.

Of course 3rd persons and dogs sleep. And people tell me I sleep. A video camera can show me sleeping, just as it can show that I have a head. Or is it just showing where I keep my head? Is it just showing where I sleep, where that experience takes place? Shouldn't I go by what's given? If anything is not given it's deep sleep. J.C. USA

Collapse of the world happens whenever we realize that we and the world are one and the same. I asked Douglas when I saw him in California a couple of weeks ago - "what happens when we go to sleep?" and he replied, "well, there's just no way around it - when we go to sleep the world collapses". The end of the world is not just at hand - it is HERE, right where we are. M.C. USA

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