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Sharing Seeing

There is one aspect which I find perplexing which is when you say "the beauty of headlessness for me is that it is so simple and available." Yes to that, but-- "It is so simple that everyone gets it. Perfectly."

I don't see that. I seem to be surrounded by people who don't get it. Are you saying that we all get it but usually don't realise it? Or that 'it' has 'got us' anyway? I find the very simplicity and availability you refer to is the biggest obstacle to the 'seeker' mentality. A.M. Australia

Perhaps it's the other way round? It's the 'seeker' mentality that is the biggest obstacle to this simplicity and availability. Seeing means dropping any kind of position and just attending to the given. For some, this is not easy. It's too clear and obvious. J.R. Holland

That's a fascinating topic - the ease or difficulty of sharing Seeing. I think that showing someone they have no head - in the sense that they simply cannot see it - is the easiest thing. Because that's just the case: no-one can see their head on their shoulders. But what people make of that varies enormously, from 'what a load of nonsense' and 'so what?' to 'wow!' I think that at the point of exploring the meaning of this experience, then past experience, skill, intuition, interest on the part of the person sharing, and much of that on the part of the 'new' person, all plays its part. I think the way I approach sharing Seeing has evolved considerably over the years. But the simplicity of the experience remains the same. R.L. UK

I met Douglas in 1970 when I was 17 and searching. I attended a workshop of his at a conference - I had no idea he would be there. It blew my mind - back to where it belongs, which clearly is not here at centre. I, like M., appreciate the fact that this way has "no code for living, no hierarchy, no rules or dogmas, no sect, no Gurus....No Thing!"

What a relief. What freedom. I used to be evangelical about Seeing, but these days I don't really care if others get it or not (and yet I do.) The point being I don't need others to verify my experience of who I really am.

I do value sharing it with friends though. Having known Douglas for 28 years I have gathered along the way many 'seeing' friends. In fact I feel that I have grown up 'seeing'. It's marvellous to have friends with whom one shares nothing! And the circle of friends keeps growing.

A couple of years ago we started a Trust here in the UK to make this 'work' more available. One of the things we all felt important (about 25 of us at this particular meeting) was that we shouldn't have a membership.

Everyone is already living from nothingness - it's just a matter of noticing it. And also, Seeing is about seeing you are not in any group at all - all groups are in you. So the absence of membership was meant to reflect this. Also, seeing who you really are is not really about numbers of people seeing it, since the Seeing itself reveals there is only one (if that!) R.L. UK

The more I share "seeing" with others, the more I get familiar with it myself. I have had startling re-discoveries, for instance, of how perfectly clear "clarity" really is, at the moment of "showing" it to a friend. Or, walking with another friend, finding that together we were able to be the motionless witness (singular?) of the moving world in a more sustained way than I had been capable of previously. J.A. USA.

We met briefly at the Headless Gathering and I am writing to say how really useful I found it to meet with other like 'minded' individuals and at last I have 'got it'. Not quite what I expected 'it' to be but nevertheless  'it's' quite unmistakable and of course needs constantly returning to but so does breathing I guess! In addition to the Gathering your regular Reflections are invaluable and whenever they might finish I shall start again from the beginning which is the very essence of seeing I am learning. Thank you. Graham.

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