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I love the pointing experiment. Nothing works to bring emptiness/capacity more clearly and easily than this one, simple experiment. I've done all of them, but this is the one that works, every time, always. There is nothing at the end of my finger! Nothing there but the entire universe! M.C.

When I point the index finger towards "me" and bring it closer to where my "head" should be I find that it disappears/dissolves into "nothing". It seems that there is a powerful "black" hole here or a "nothing" hole into which the whole perceived universe is dissolved and continuously created from simultaneously. Absolutely Mind-blowing! A. Israel.

I received a gracious reply to my fan letter from Mr. Harding. Let me share with you one of the things he said. I had told him that on performing the inpointing finger experiment, I could not describe what I saw, but that nevertheless it was quite clear and obvious. He replied:

"Yes, the pointing finger is a powerful indicator. And I know what you mean when you say that you can't describe what you are pointing (in) at. However, I'm sure you'll agree that only! this interior Clarity can be adequately described - as, e.g., boundless, empty, full, imperishable (nothing to perish), the motionless mover, and wide awake. Whereas what one is pointing out at can't ever be adequately described: countless details are missed, plus all the internal and external facts that make it what it is. As they used to say "Only God can be perfectly known, because only God is perfectly simple." Things are largely out-to-lunch. E.g. : What is my body? I could survive the amputation of this right hand for decades: how long the amputation of my Sun?"

An elegant turnabout, a profound point, and a point that he actually enables me to experience. C.C. USA.

Something interesting happened last night. I was visited by a man that I didn't know very well and he noticed a calligraphic scroll I had hanging, with only the character for "mu" (nothingness) on it. He asked, "Toler san, have you ever entered the world of Mu?" I said "Yes. Many times." He then asked "How can you do it? At what times do you do it?" I said, "Oh, you can do it anytime". He asked, "How?" So I led him through the pointing exercise. When I came to the question, "Now, what do you see at the place where your finger is pointing?" He said, "Nothing." I said, "Well, that's Mu, isn't it?" He thought about that for about ten seconds, then suddenly laughed loudly and clapped his hands and said "I've been pondering that for years, and you showed me in a minute!" and thanked me profusely. J.T. (Zen abbot) Japan

The pointing finger did the trick and I was amazed and delighted to find that what had previously only happened accidentally or infrequently after extensive preparation, was so simple, obvious and readily available. A.M. Australia

When you look at your hand
Can you begin to understand
Who you really are?
When you look at the sky
Where does this 'I' stop?
Does the penny drop?
When you turn your finger back on yourself and say
'Look at who's doing this pointing'
It can be downright disappointing
To not see a king.
For all you can see is nothing.
'What is the point?' I ask myself
But the point is not got by asking what
The point is the edge of being
And it's got when I start simply seeing
Now I look at myself and I'm not really here to see
It's really strange that this 'me'
Though such an insignificant bit of immensity
Has such a propensity
For feeling all things revolve
Round its intense sense of self importance
And yet it's true
Where this universe begins
I AM !!!

Peter Scott

What happened to me when I found the Answer, pointing my finger at the Emptiness here, was at first a reaction like: 'This cannot be it; it would be too simple, too basic. Because pointing here is pointing at what I have been all my life; the real H. How can Douglas say that H. is the Answer?' But then, only a few seconds later, I suddenly realized that this most intimate experiencing of H. IS the Answer, because it is not 'H.' at all. It is Consciousness Itself, that had mistakenly been underestimated by the thought 'this is only H'. At that realization, the Answer itself exploded right into my Face as what it had really always been: the Void here giving rise to the world there. Immediately I understood that there are no other people really. All 'persons' out there (as they appear in This Void) are in reality living from exactly this same Void here, their most intimate Me-ness. However, most of them think this Me-ness is a vulnerable little one, which makes them feel lonely and small and protective. The ego can't handle the Reality of which it is only part itself. In fact, all I 'did' was see that I have an ego but I am not that ego. Now, the ego helps H. through life, and I am only witnessing and enjoying the game. H.E. Holland

[Having found your website] I clicked and started with the exercises right away. It is always very delightful. Sometimes when things are getting tough (mostly because I am losing myself in them) I just point out with my finger and then back to the nothingness and immediately I have to smile. Even when I am thinking about it I have to. :-) This is really one of the easiest methods to find out who you really are. I am teaching Reiki (in the way of finding your God inside) and sometimes I am using these exercises during class. (Martin. Germany)

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