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Difficulties With Seeing

I just finished doing the pointing here, and 2 way pointing....I must be doing something wrong. I'm not getting it. All I see is what I am pointing at... and then when I point at myself, all I see is my finger.  I understand what it is that I am supposed to see, but I am not seeing it.... so what do I do now? I'm frustrated.  Maybe you can help clarify a little for me. J.

I read Douglas Harding's first book. I immediately saw/felt what he was talking about. I experienced oneness/no separation from anything I was looking at. The stars, the trees, the moon, everything seemed as if it was as close as my breath. It's hard to describe. I have since lost touch with that feeling, but I feel so close, but it seems a part of me is avoiding that. But, I know it's always available and just want to re-enforce it so that it is an everyday living experience. Do you have any insights in to this? M.
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