My professional work in composition seems permanently punctuated by an amateur's sense of awe as I contemplate the mystery of creativity from a Seeing perspective--where in the world are these notes emerging from? Who is doing this? (As I said above, usually I just get on with it, without much spiritual contemplation, but that sense of awe and mystery is never too far from the surface.) J.H. USA. See video.

Richard, thank you so very much for freely presenting this class. [1998 online class on Seeing.] I must tell you that spending nearly 48 years as a third person, experiencing life as a 1st person is truly a rebirth. What I see is a vast myriad of paradoxes. Every time I think or left-brain analyze this awareness, I see the paradox in that particular thought. In that great void, the neutral, the colorless core, the center of all things, beyond thought, all that remains is the breath/spirit. I am a visual artist. Although I have no expectations in the outcome of this class, I would hope that a shift in awareness to the 1st person will have a wonderful effect in the creative process. We shall see! B. USA.

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