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My parents lived in the US in the 1950’s. When they came back to Australia, they brought with them a View Master Stereoscope bakelite 3D viewer and a big box of slides. Years later, that’s where I was to spend many a childhood afternoon lost in those magical images of the Rocky Mountains, Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon and a multitude of places and cities all around the world. 
When I had my first taste of headlessness via the Single Eye experiment – that’s what I was instantly transported to. Suddenly I was in one those 3D images. Only it wasn’t framed in a dark viewing box. It wasn’t framed at all. Wherever I pointed this viewfinder of mine, the one that sits on top of my shoulders, the outward image changed, but I realised that the view went on forever – infinitely. I was no longer an entity looking out of my head through two eye holes, instead what I saw, and I, all existed in a kind of impossible suspension. I experienced an overwhelming sense of childlike wonder and innocence. And gratitude. And although the view appeared startlingly 3D – like the slides in the View Master – it wasn’t really. 
I saw that my depth of field was a kind of trick of my mind because with absolute certainty – I saw that everything I perceived ‘out there’ was really happening Here. Here in this diamond clear clarity that was closer than close. There was no ‘there’. It felt a bit like turning inside out. I had a feeling of falling outwards, through the place where others see my face. And for a while afterwards I would get strange feelings of claustrophobia whenever I tried to imagine myself 'living’ inside my head. How could this spacious and infinite ‘me’ fit in that tiny space? Lol.
I was the genie released from the imaginary bottle and I could never ever go back. Freed from what Douglas would call (the illusion of) the meatball. Roaming at large at last in a magical world of endless possibility. In creation and as creation simultaneously. Melanie, New Zealand

I went for my morning walk today. Birds were singing, I couldn't say exactly where - inside or outside. But that was wonderful! I closed my eyes for a second - there was nothing, yet everything was going on outside. I thought - it's fascinating to KNOW I am nothing and BE everything at the same time. Love, Irina.

I had a lovely experience last night
....wedged into a small 4-person table in the corner of the restaurant, I was facing away from the room. This meant that the waitress would approach me invisibly from behind and, it being an informal sort of place, kept reaching past me without warning on either side of my head to bring and remove dishes. This lovely arm kept appearing out of the void with more and more delicious food! You can imagine my delight! Franca.

These days I've been struck by what I call the "being of non-being": we really (really!) are nothing. OK, I see that. So we are not. Fine. But this nothing is there! It gives its light to the "objects" arising in it. It is an existing nothing. Nothing could be distinguished without it, and nothing would exist without it. It can't be denied that it is there. It is real. It IS. It is a real nothing! Also, this real nothing, being nothing, is not apart from the things that appear in it, because there is nothing to be apart from. It baffles my mind. E.C. USA.

It is really surprising. I happened to come across the Headless Way five years ago. I felt I could understand something of the Ramana Maharshi Way. On revisiting Douglas Harding through The Headless Way, I now find it very easy to enter into the Nothingness and keep myself absorbed in the Vastness of the Living Awareness. What else is required of this life? I am indebted this life to the great philosepher as I am to Ramana Maharshi. R.

After many years of searching about the sense of life I have found the headless way three months ago. It was a flash of lightning for me. What an illuminating idea! Manuel

While I was searching the web with "return to one's self" entered into the search window, I came upon a site that provided a link to The Headless Way. This was only last night, and as I did the exercises, I marvelled at the genius of your presentation, and the delight I derived from my experience. All day today I have been trying to deal with this "reality," or rather, INSIGHT. I hope to learn. L.

I'm full blown headless. I just look around & it's obvious I'm headless. Where my head is supposed to be is just space. But this timeless emptiness is vibrant & full of potential. This vortex of supercharged emptiness contains everything. Everything is moving in & out of this nothingness which is self aka you & me (& all god's chillun). Like i said my mind is blown & I'm still just in awe of it all... It's like now I can understand what Ramana Maharshi was trying to communicate but minus the linguistic & cultural barriers of 19th century India. The headless way is revolutionary. D.C.

This Headless perspective is so fresh! I keep forgetting and remembering it. For the first time I start to realise that death has nothing to do with who I am ... and so much more, moment to moment ... to sense what freedom really is ... to marvel at this play in my world, this cosmos in my world ... to sense what real power is.

I keep pausing. It feels necessary to stop every now and again to kind of get used to this new awareness, to check where I am and who is here.... and then the mundane calls for another email, a phone call, a few strokes of a pencil and so on. S.

On 28th April I drove my family to see their family friends. They told me to wait for them as they will be back shortly. I was waiting in the car while they were having a chat. As I was looking at the house, I could see the house clearly. It look as though my head area was being replaced by the house. I realize that I had no head and the view of the house, together with my body, was in my awareness. It was fantastic. It was exactly as explained in the works of Douglas Harding. Now, I have made the book, "On Having No Head" my companion. Thank you. Bachan.

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