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Willing All - And Nothing

Buhlul said to a certain dervish, "How art thou, O dervish? Inform me."
He said, "How should that one be, according to whose desire the work of the world goes on?
According to whose desire the torrents and rivers flow, and the stars move in such wise as he wills;
And Life and Death are his officers…
No tooth flashes with laughter in the world without the approval of that imperial personage."  Rumi

Others gain authority over you if you possess a will distinct from God's will.  Rabbi Bahman of Bratzlav

It is because we are not near enough to Thee to partake of Thy liberty that we want a liberty of our own different from Thine.  George Macdonald

For God, freedom is necessary.  Vladimir Soliviev

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  St. Paul

The truth shall make you free.  Jesus

With the removal of the 'I' illusion, the world with all its multiplicities will disappear, and if there is anything left which can act, this one will act with utmost freedom, with fearlessness, like the Dharma-king himself, indeed as the One.  D.T. Suzuki

In this Fourth Valley the lightning of power, which is the discovery of your own resources, blazes up so that the heat consumes a hundred worlds.  Atar

God's holy will is the centre from which all we do must radiate; all else is mere weariness and excitement.  Jean Pierre Camus

The creature hath nothing else in its power but the free use of its will, and its free will hath no other power but that of concurring with, or resisting, the working of God in nature.  William Law

Obey the nature of things, and you are in concord with the Way, calm and easy and free from annoyance.
The Enlightened have no likes or dislikes.  Hsin-hsin Ming

Sanctity consists in willing what happens to us by God's order. If we understood how to see in each moment some manifestation of the will of God we should find therein also all that our hearts could desire.  De Caussade

True wisdom is learning to wish that each thing should come to pass as it does.  Epictetus

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