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Where To Look

The first of the famous Three Gates, or Three Questions, of Zen Master Ts'ung-yueh was: Where is your self-nature?

People see it far away. What a pity! They are like a man who, standing in water, complains of thirst.  Hakuin

Hakuin's whole life was shining the light onto the place where he stood.  Abbot Amakuki Sessan

The Sage rejects That but takes This.  Lao-tzu

Man gets lost, settles abroad, goes so far out he cannot get back again.  Eckhart

Our being here is our eternal being. Many people imagine here to have creaturely being, and divine being to be yonder. It is a popular delusion.  Eckhart

Kindle light in the blessed country ever close at hand.  Hui Ming Ching

Drink of this Presence! Be not thou a jar
Laden with water, and its lip stone-dry;
Or as a horseman blindly borne afar,
Who never sees the horse beneath his thigh.  Rumi

What, then, is spirit? The Spirit of here and now. And the God? The God of here and now.  Plotinus

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