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Gaining Everything -And Nothing

Knowing All - And Nothing

Not to know is profound; to know is shallow. Not to know is internal; to know is external.  Chuang-tzu

Rejoicing in nothing and knowing nothing are the true rejoicing and the true knowledge.  Lao-tzu

Only have no mind of any kind, and this is known as undefiled knowledge.  Huang-po

If he had any discriminating mind, do you think he could discriminate anything?  Shen-hui

The understanding, the memory and the will are in a fearful void, in nothingness. Love this immense void. Love this nothingness since the infinitude of God is in it.  De Caussade

That thou mayest have pleasure in everything, seek pleasure in nothing. That thou mayest know everything, seek to know nothing. That thou mayest possess all things, seek to possess nothing.  St. John of the Cross

Those who know Him most perfectly perceive most clearly that He is perfectly incomprehensible.  St. John of the Cross

Nothing can be more simple than God, either in reality or in our way of understanding.  St. Thomas Aquinas

When the Self is seen, heard, thought of, known, everything is known.  Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

All-knowledge is what constitutes the essence of Buddhahood. It does not mean that the Buddha knows every individual thing, but that he has grasped the fundamental principle of existence and that he has penetrated deep down into the centre of his own bring.  D.T. Suzuki

If I knew myself as intimately as I ought, I should have perfect knowledge of all creatures.  Eckhart

If you pass beyond form, O friends, it is Paradise and rose-gardens within rose-gardens.
When thou hast broken and destroyed thine own form, thou hast learned to break the form of everything.  Rumi

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