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What Sees, Hears, Tastes……?

That one eats, and filth is discharged from him; this one eats and becomes entirely the Light of God.  Rumi

He eats Light, do not say he eats bread…… This body which the Sheykh of Insight possesses has become something different: do not call it a body.  Rumi

This old monk does not occupy even a dot of ground in which to stick an awl… He does not have so much as a tongue.  Hui-hai

A monk asked Pao-yun of Lu-tzu Shan: "What is meant by speaking is no speaking?"
The master replied: "Where is your mouth?"
"I have no mouth."

In the place where no man is I will put my hand to my forehead and watch for you… I will wait and look out for you where no man speaks, that is, in Maitreya's land, where no mouth and lips are needed.  Pai-chang

You each have a pair of ears, but what have you ever heard with them? You each have a tongue, but what have you ever said with it?… From whence, then, do all these forms, voices, odours, and tastes come?  Fo-yen

If there were no eye, what? If there were no ear, what? If there were no mouth, what? If there were no mind, what? If one has to face such circumstances and knows how to act then one is in the company of the ancient Patriarchs and Buddhas. Anyone in that company is satisfied.  Blue Cliff Records

I look and listen without using eyes and ears.  Lieh-tzu

By what means do this body or mind perceive? Can they perceive with the eyes, ears…?
No. Your own Nature, being essentially pure and utterly still, is capable of perception.  Hui-hai

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