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Travelling The Universe

I touch the sky with my finger.
Distance is nothing but a fantasy.  Blake

As he gets to be more purely and singly himself… the astronomer is 'out there' with the stars, rather than a separateness peering across an abyss at another separateness through a telescopic keyhole.  Abraham H. Maslow

I doubt whether the sun is more than a few hundred miles away.  George Bernard Shaw, in conversation with J.B.S. Haldane

The sun ten thousand legions off, was nigh:
The utmost star,
Though seen from far,
Was present in the apple of my eye.  Traherne

The possessor of the Mystic Wonder touches and feels with the hand even the moon and the sun, beings of mystic power though they be. He reaches even in the body up to the heaven of Brahma.  Kevaddha Sutra

The ten quarters melt into the spot of our presence.  Hakuin

It is not we who are in space, but space that is in us.  Lotze

A tenth-of-an-inch difference, and heaven and earth are set apart.  Hsin-hsin Ming

Let subject and object be so oned that the wind cannot pass between them.  Wu-men

To know a thing is to become it.  Erigena

All knowledge is, in the strict sense, assimilation.  St. Bonaventure

The proper consideration for one of highest spiritual capacity is the absolute unity of knower, knowing, and known.  Gampopa

A sudden perception that Subject and object are one will lead you to a deeply mysterious wordless understanding - you will waken to the truth of Zen.  Huang-po

Bodhisattvas are able to expand their bodies to the ends of the universe.  Gandavyuha Sutra

The whole great Earth is nothing but you.  Hsueh-feng

When you have truly renounced the mind, you will see the whole universe in yourself.  Vasishtha

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