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Who Sees, Hears…?

There is no seer but Him, no one to hear but him, no one thinking, no one aware but Him. He is the Self, the Ruler within, the One Immortal.  Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

God is the Hearer, and it is by attributing this faculty unto thyself that thou art deaf. Thou hast become blind through attributing sight unto thyself. When He is thy hearing and thy sight, then wilt thou hear only Him and see only Him.  Ibn Ashir

It is the Unborn which sees and hears, eats and sleeps.  Bankei

Only God has seeing, hearing.  Al-Arabi

To prove your mind is the Buddha mind, notice how all I say here goes into you without your missing a single thing, even though I don't try to push it into you. The Buddha mind is ten thousand times clearer than a mirror, and more inexpressibly marvellous.  Bankei

This brightness is so great that the loving contemplative, in the ground wherein he rests, sees and feels nothing but an incomprehensible Light; and through that Simple Nudity which enfolds all things, he finds himself, and feels himself, to be that same Light by which he sees, and nothing else.  Ruysbroeck

Of inconceivable power am I; without eyes I see; without ears I hear.  Kaivalya Upanishad

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