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The Hypothesis

Turn to thy heart, and thy heart will find its Saviour, its God, within itself. Thou seest, hearest, and feelest nothing of God, because thou seekest for Him abroad… Seek for him in thy heart, and thou wilt never seek in vain, for there He dwells, there is the seat of His light and holy Spirit. For this turning to the Light and Spirit of God within thee is thy only turning unto God: there is no other way of finding Him but in that place where He dwelleth in thee.  William Law

God dwells in the inmost heart of man. We shall find Him within ourselves, if we will only enter in and seek Him there.  John Nicholas Grou

Men have left their own country, their fathers and mothers, their households and kinsmen and families, and have journeyed from Hind to Sind, making boots of iron till they wore out to shreds, haply to encounter a man having the fragrance of the other world. How many men have died of this sorrow, not succeeding in encountering such a One! As for you, you have encountered such a One here in your own house, and you turn your back on Him. Rumi

There is none dwelling in the house but God.  Rumi

He in whom God dwells has a good lodger.  Eckhart

God's in, I'm out.  Eckhart

Being admonished to return to myself, I entered into the secret chamber of my soul… And I beheld with the eye of my soul the Light unchangeable… He who knows that Light knows eternity.  St. Augustine

And behold, Thou wert within, and I without.  St. Augustine

Look within; within is the fountain of all good. Such a fountain, where springing waters can never fail, so thou dig deeper and deeper.  Marcus Aurelius

God must be very I, I very God, so consummately one that this He and this I are one is, in this isness working one work eternally; but so long as this He and this I, to wit, God and the soul, are not one single here, one single now, the I cannot work with nor be one with that He.  Eckhart

My Me is God, nor do I recognise any other Me except my God Himself.  St. Catherine of Genoa

Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.  Tennyson

God is nearer to a man than his jugular vein.  The Koran

God is a stay-at-home.  Eckhart

In this house is a treasure which the universe is too small to hold.  Rumi

Oh, many a man sets out to some place from the spot where the object of his search is.  Rumi

The centre of the soul is God.  St. John of the Cross

My soul has dwelt in her centre, which is God.  Marie de l'Incarnation

To mount to God is to enter into oneself.  De Adhaerendo Deo

God is more intimately and more closely present to each thing than each thing is to itself.  De Adhaerendo Deo

Do not seek refuge in anyone but yourself.  Gautama Buddha

Take the way from man, not to man.  Emerson

Thus all concentrates: let us not rove; let us sit at home with the cause. Let us stun and astonish the intruding rabble of men and books and institutions, by a simple declaration of the divine fact. Bid the invaders take the shoes from off their feet, for God is here within.  Emerson

There is no other Buddha for him that knows himself.  Attributed to Kanaka

The true Buddha sits in the interior.  Chao-chou T'sung-shen

Thou canst not by going reach that place wherein there are no birth, no ageing, no decaying, no falling away, no rising up elsewhere in rebirth… For, my friend, in this very body, six feet in length… I do declare to you are the world, and the origin of the world, and the ceasing of the world, and likewise the way that leadeth to the ceasing thereof.  Gautama Buddha

Attain the Source, and the rest need not bother you.  Yang-shan Hui-chi 

There is a place where all problems have but one universal solution.  Anandamayi Ma

The solution to your problem is to see who has it.  Ramana Maharshi

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