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Being All - And Nothing

As long as I am this or that, I am not all things.  Eckhart

Disciple: "How can I know the power of God?"
Ramana Maharshi: "You say I AM. That is it. What else can say I AM? One's own being is His power. The trouble arises when one says 'I am this or that'. Be yourself, that is all.

The word SUM, I AM, can be spoken by no creature, but by God only.  Eckhart

The absolute is none of the things of which It is the Source; Its nature is that nothing can be affirmed of It - not existence, not essence, not life. It transcends all these. But possess yourself of It by the very elimination of being, and you hold a marvel.  Plotinus

This one alone is lacking in every mode and quality.  Eckhart

Every creature denies it is the other… But God is the denier of denialsEckhart

Things are all the same in God: they are God Himself.  Eckhart

In God alone can man meet man.  George Macdonald

The one principle of hell is - 'I am my own!'  George Macdonald

The only being that is is the Tao-man who, depending on nothing, is at this moment listening to my talk on the Dharma.  Lin-chi

From meditating on Him there arises, on the dissolution of the body, the Third State, that of universal lordship: but only he who is alone is satisfied.  Svetasvatara Upanishad

Turn thy face towards thine own Face: thou hast no kinsman but thyself.  Rumi

I am alone. I am the supreme Brahman. I am the Lord of the Universe. Such is the settled conviction of the Mukta. All other experience leads to bondage.  Devikalottara

The strange fact is that when a door opens and a light shines from an unknown source into the dark chamber of consciousness, all time - and space - limitations melt away, and we make a Simhanada (lion-roar): 'Before Abraham was, I am,' or 'I alone am the Honoured One above and below the heavens.'  D.T. Suzuki

Fear comes when there is a second.  Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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