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New Podcasts Available

New Podcasts Available

8 September 2017

New podcasts are now available on iTunes. Please click on the link below to access them. "Headless Way Podcasts Available now on iTunes. Or search on your phone using the Podcast app."

New Book from Richard Lang

New Book from Richard Lang

15 April 2017

Richard Lang's new book Celebrating Who We Are is now available in epub and print on demand format. Richard Lang has over 40 years experience leading Headless Way workshops. These workshops use the astonishingly effective ‘experiments’ developed by the English philosopher, Douglas Harding. These experiments point directly to your True...

New Book The Man with No Head

New Book The Man with No Head

10 February 2017

A new book is now available - the illustrated biography of Douglas Harding by Richard Lang and Victor Lunn-Rockliffe. This beautifully illustrated biography follows the life of Douglas Harding as he looked deeply into the question 'Who am I'. Harding wrote many books about 'who we really are', exploring its...

New Book from Suzanne Visser

New Book from Suzanne Visser

25 January 2017

This book describes the discovery by the author of a real way out of this fix that is no escape. It doesn’t require accepting any beliefs on bad evidence but does ask us to re-visit the ground of our experience in a very radical and direct way. While spoken of,...

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