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The Technology of Awakening

The Technology of Awakening

Brentyn Ramm's paper 'The Technology of Awakening' has just been published. Much thanks to the Shollond Trust for funding the publication of the article in an open access format. The copyright is creative commons so it can be freely shared and can be posted or reproduced anywhere as long as the...

Podcast on The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth

Podcast on The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth

Richard lang has recorded a podcast introducing some of the ideas from The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by Douglas Harding.

Catalogue of books & videos

Catalogue of books & videos

We have now produced a Headless Way catalogue of books etc. It was only as we assembled this catalogue that we realised how many books on the Headless Way are now available. There are lots, in many different languages! We will keep updating the catalogue as new publications become available.Our catalogue...

Full book catalogue
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