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New Podcast

New Podcast

29 April 2020

New on the Douglas Harding podcast: Interview with Douglas Harding, recorded 1990Listen Now:SoundcloudStitcheriTunes

Headless Way Webinar

Headless Way Webinar

15 April 2020

This is a webinar with Richard Lang and friends which was recorded on April 4th.Now on YouTube. Also on the Headless Way Community podcast. 

Headless Poetry

Headless Poetry

13 April 2020

A collection of poetry by Colin Oliver, now available on Amazon. This book is made up of poems and prose pieces written by Colin Oliver between 1967 and 1999. It includes poems from three collections: In The Open, Seeing, and Speaking Trees. Colin Oliver was a good friend of Douglas...

Waking Up App

Waking Up App

8 April 2020

The Headless Way meditation series created and led by Richard Lang has been expanded in Sam Harris's Waking Up App. The recently added meditations are listed below.•    The Mirror•    Putting on Your Face•    Four Stages of Life•    Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall•    MovementRichard Lang is...

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