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Rod Patterson 

Finding Out Who I Am

Finding out who I am
Is as simple as seeing
Is as easy as being who I am

When I was a little child
I would play in the sand
Stand the sun on my finger
Cup the clouds in my hand
I did not call myself human being
Neither boy nor girl
I was Heaven's wide window on the world
Then they said I was growing up
They'd make a man out of me
They put a head on my shoulders
With a face that I couldn't see

I thought I had lost the game
It seemed they'd made me so small
But now I see I'm the whole world wide
Infinitely tall
There is no one where I should be
I am the face of everything
I am nothing and you are me
Look at yourself now while I sing:

Finding out who you are
Is as simple as seeing
Is as simple as being
Who you are.

Rod Patterson

We Hide Ourselves

We hide ourselves behind our faces
So afraid of love are we
We dare not leave our empty spaces
Open for ourselves to see
But we are one, we are one, I know it.

We search for truth in many places
Seeking for eternity
We seldom see the one who's searching
He alone shall ever be
And I am he, I am he, I know it.

Rod Patterson

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