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Malcolm Bruce-Squires 


I looked into the mirror,
'Twas just the other day;
Saw a poor wee stunted thing,
A mere arm's length away.

They said that is your head you fool,
Reach out and put it on.
I reached, reversed, enlarged it all.
I gave in to their con.

Thus Dumasqued in an iron hold,
My sight was sorely dimmed;
The third eye closed up oh so tight,
Pinealised I seemed.

No vestige now of that clear sight
Which once I'd surely known,
When I was but a little child
And everywhere had flown.

But now I've found the answer,
It's easy when you know:
One's head just needs dissolving,
Transparently to go.

Diminish into nothingness,
A single eye appears;
With infinite capacity
One's vision thus it clears.

Capacity for all the world,
Well centred now I be;
My head is severed quite right off,
And I can truly see.

Malcolm Bruce-Squires

Unavoidable Encounter

It's one face to no face,
Or opaque to clear;
There is your appearance,
Reality's here.

It is your face I see,
And your eyes that speak.
I sense at my centre,
A touch on my cheek.

Your smile is so golden,
I'm feeling the glow:
There's joy and there's sadness,
Yin yang, ebb and flow.

What's being created,
The void will disclose;
For now it's this moment,
The end no-one knows.

Malcolm Bruce-Squires

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