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Reviews of The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth

by Douglas Harding (see submenu for complete list)

Brief comments on the version published by The Shollond Trust - a facsimile of the original huge manuscript:

The Hierarchy is indeed magnificent! I looked through it last night, reading only a little, but just paging through and being awestruck by both Douglas' work in writing the thing and your work in making it available. I'm very eager to start in with actual reading. I feel sure that many of the problems I had in reading the shorter version will be cleared up.  S.J. USA

I received the copy of The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth a couple of days ago. The Tome is a wonderful work that is phenomenal. The effort that Douglas put into trying to convey the Hierarchy is incredible. I can open it up anywhere and spend hours being totally astonished. Thank You for having the foresight to publish this fantastic classic. Much of the material that I desired more information on is there.  G.H. USA

You certainly did not exaggerate when you described The Hierarchy as well produced. It is in fact an improvement over the Twinlock/Drawlock typescript version, not least of which because of the more permanent paper, convenient size, and the added resources in the form of DEH's Preface, your Introduction, Julian's Notes on the reproduction, and the current book and video list. Brilliant!  G.T. USA

I just got the book! Incredible! What a phenomenal piece of work! I really feel honoured that I am one out of only 350 people on the planet to have it. Thank you so much!  T.H. Belgium

The book is wonderful, thank you !  P.F., France

The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth has just arrived. It's great, wonderful, breathtaking! I'm very grateful to all of you who have worked on it.  F.S. Italy

It is a magnificent and extraordinary work, far before its time, but surely now worthy of serious attention.  D.L. UK

I received my copy of The Hierarchy today. You were is truly a remarkable book, very beautifully put together. I can't wait to get into it. Thank you for getting this important book out. It is a wonderful achievement and it is obvious you have worked long and hard on this project. Well done and congratulations.  C.W. Canada

Dear G, There are many parts of The Hierarchy that I don't 'get'. It is going to take many months before I will get any where near comprehending many of the issues that Douglas is attempting to convey. The man is of the highest types of genius!  Regards, G.

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