The Headless Way
Direct access to our essential nature
is freely available to everyone here and now
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A Residential Workshop to Explore The Headless Way in Everyday Life and How to Share It

Salisbury Gathering :

2025 16th to 20th April and 2nd - 6th July

Bookings for the 2025 Gatherings will commence in the New Year.

For updates on pricing and bookings keep checking this web page and the Nofacebook group

Ideal location within the Close, right next to the Cathedral

More people than ever are feeling inspired by Douglas Harding and the experiments he discovered which show us so concretely that our real nature is not what we see in the mirror. Being with people who are practising the same Way and exploring the meaning of these experiments together helps us deepen our focus on this vision, while sharing our experience with close friends, even if not with a wider audience, is the best way of keeping it alive as an ever present resource for living in the everyday world. 

So we invite you to come and celebrate this profound yet simple and accessible insight with us...

RICHARD LANG and JUDY BRUCE and other friends —
including you.

For more information, please contact Judy Bruce.

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