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Feedback on the Video Interview with Richard Lang

Great to hear the message again. Thanks for sharing. JW.

Thank you! I will gladly pass this along to friends. Brian.

Congratulations on this video. It was wonderful. I truly enjoyed it. Carolyn.

Thanks for sending this interview with Richard Miller. I've seen a number of non-duality folks on nevernothere, and your interview is outstanding! Richest blessings, Hileah.

I wish to complement you on your extraordinary presentation and wonderful content. Jim.

Congrats on the interview, Richard.  It's excellent. Travis.

What a completely lovely place to be for an hour.....and always! .....and such a delight to find you here and sounding so much like Douglas as he tickled himself (and so very many others) endlessly with his pointing finger!  Thank you for a perfect beginning to this day. Leslie.

This was wonderful! I watched it yesterday and I'll probably watch it again today. I don't think it's possible to get any more clear. THANK you. I hope you do more videos like this. Zak.

Thanks a lot for posting the interview Richard - very instructive and
enjoyable. All the best, Graeme.

Thanks for this, it really helped clear up some misconceptions that I had. It is so nice to come across pointers that require you to try them out and enjoy your own experiences. Thanks again. Shona.

This is so great. Thanks for all you do. Bob.

I watched the Chicago interview. It was great! I experienced a deepening of clarity of this enchanting, infinite space. Georgette.

Such a great clear expression, thanks! Helma.

I feel very blessed having seen your video. Hearing, seeing, so many satsang teachers in the past, I always had the feeling, 'some chain is still missing for me'. I am aware since a long time of this inner space, and I always doubted: is it this what I am looking for? Since I saw your videotalk this morning, I know now: I am this immense space in which everything comes and goes, including my own body, feeling, thoughts, the others... This will surely start a new way of walking through life for me. I am looking forward to what's going to pop up (no pop up blocker installed!) in this space for me. A great adventure! Thanks a lot! Blessed are those who are able and willing to lead other people to who they really are. You are one of them! Many greetings from a grateful heart. Berend.

That is a wonderful video, Richard. Thanks. Raf.

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