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Sharing A Secret

Natalia, a friend in Moscow, told me last week that she met a boy of about four years old who was holding two small rings, like donuts. He said he had a secret. He brought them up to his eyes and, looking through them, told her that the two had become one! He then gave them to her to put on but was disappointed to see that it didn’t work for her! (From his point of view they remained two.) The boy’s disappointment arose when he realized he couldn't share his special secret - he had so wanted Natalia to see it. Fortunately Natalia was aware of her single Eye and told him she could also see the two becoming one. In one way you cannot share this Secret since your single Eye is something that you alone can see – everyone else sees your appearance. But in another way it’s the easiest thing in the world to share. These days in workshops, once I have taken people through the experiments, I often invite new people to guide the group through some of the experiments again. It demonstrates how easily each of us can share this Secret – like the boy in Moscow showing Natalia her single Eye. I gave a workshop in Dublin on Saturday and near the end I asked two people new to the experiments to guide us through a couple of them again. I think to their own surprise and delight they discovered how straightforward it is. You might yourself try showing a friend their single Eye.

Then, when they see the two become one, you will be sharing a great secret!


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