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School presentation

I gave a presentation to Bedales school last week. (26/5/10) About half an hour with about 400 students. I think I touched quite a few, and afterwards got to talk with several who were really taken with it. The teacher who organized it said that the next morning, in his sixth form class, one person was objecting to it, and another, a young girl, in response, explained it clearly and simply. He was amazed at how clearly she did this. It is amazing, and yet, this view or perspective is so simple and sensible and obvious... I think some students will value it now, but perhaps others will remember it later in their lives, and find value in it then.

I experimented reading and recording The Science of the 1st Person last weekend. It is quite an experience to read  and record a book. It is a deep study of it. This is a great book. It is very clearly written - Douglas really thought things out clearly, and wrote them down clearly. And it is a passionate book too. And the insights are so deep and health-giving. It is about forty years since Douglas wrote it, and although this view is getting accepted in the world, the world really has not yet recognized what Douglas has done. He found the Centre, the goal of religion, but he put it in thoroughly modern, science-based terms. There is nothing to believe in, all is to be tested.
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