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On Having No Head- Talking Book

I've continued to work on On Having No Head - in terms of presenting it as a 'talking book'. Editing takes forever! However, it has meant that I have studied this book in even greater depth, and come to appreciate even more Douglas Harding's clarity, his depth of insight, his humanity. He presents the experience first, of Seeing, and is quite clear that there is no necessity to explain it. This is simply the way things are. But then he goes on to explore the implications and applications of his discovery. He immediately points two out, in terms of how the Seeing affects his relationship with others. First, there's no confrontation - face there to no face here. No confrontation! When the world takes this on, there will be singing and dancing! As he says, this is a most intimate exchange of appearances. We are each other! And secondly, he says that he must believe that what is true for him is true for everyone, that everyone is this clear, boundless, lucid void where they are. And so, this leads him to 'thinking the world' of others. Since where they are, they are capacity for the world. This, of course, is a profound view of oneself and others, full of truth and compassion. It is the highest respect for others as well as the deepest insight into their nature. I am re-inspired! And I am re-inspired by the whole book. Written fifty years ago, with basically no one around him who saw what he was talking about, it pulls no punches, is never off target. A masterpiece!
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