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Last week I received the DVD  of the experiments film back from the printers, so that is now available - and of course you can also view the whole film on Youtube. I've had good feedback. So, step by step, making this simple, beautiful truth as widely available as possible.

Last weekend I experimented reading and recording Douglas Harding's book On Having No Head. It was a lot more work that I had imagined! I still have more editing to do. Then I'll see if it is good enough to turn into a 'talking book'. But it was a great experience. It's a while since I've read it, but it's a very good book. It was written in two parts. The first part was the original book, written in about 1960. It describes first Seeing, and then 'making sense of the seeing'. Integrating the experience with our understanding of life. And then there's a section on Seeing and Zen - Zen Buddhism was the first place Douglas discovered where people were really talking in a similar language - of headlessness. The second part of the book was written twenty years later, after much experience sharing Seeing, and of living it. He sets out his view of a 'path', of the stages of the Way. It is a very well considered perspective. And the book, both parts, are written with such passion. It's a great book.

Later today I'm giving a presentation to a school - there will be about 400 students there.

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