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Being guided

I have a selection of unpublished works by Douglas Harding. Gradually The Shollond Trust is working towards publishing them, at least as eBooks – we have a great team of volunteers. One of the books is a revision and extension of ‘Religions of the World’, which was first published in 1966 by Heinemann, and is a beautiful and inspiring book. One of my favourites. In the 1980s Douglas revised it, adding much to it, but this revised version was never published - in fact, hardly anyone has seen it. (Douglas was helped in this revision by Gene Thursby, then Professor of Religion at the University of Florida, Gainesville.) So, we are aiming to publish it. I scanned the pages and volunteers have been typing it out. However, in both ring-bound copies of the typescript, there are about seven pages missing at the end. I didn’t quite know what to do about this, but I thought we would go ahead anyway and I would figure something out later on… Only a couple of days ago Navi, who is co-ordinating this project, mentioned these missing pages. I mentally registered this problem again, without knowing what to do.

We are also in the process of turning ‘The Trial of the Man who said he was God’ into an eBook. A big project – it’s 370 pages long. (This will also be published in Italian – thanks to Carla and Shanti.) There are about 35 illustrations in this book, and before scanning them from the published paperback, I looked to see if I had the original typescript so I could use the original drawings instead. I found I had earlier versions of the typescript, but these didn’t contain the original drawings. So no luck there. However, as I was looking for these illustrations, I found a typescript of the last section of the revised version of ‘Religions of the World’, including the missing pages I’ve mentioned! I felt as though the Source guided me to them, without me even looking for them! Amusing, helpful, mysterious!

The revised version of 'Religions of the World' has more on Judaism than the original version, and includes a new section at the end on the experiments, linking them with the message of the great religions. I'll make an announcement when we publish it.


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