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Autumn news

We have continued to have regular skype meetings. Gradually more and more people join in - it's an opportunity to meet up with others who are valuing seeing they are headless.

At the end of July we had our annual summer gathering. Another great gathering. About 50 people for four days. A delight.

Video interviews - I've continued to interview Seeing friends about their experience with Seeing. At the summer gathering I did four interviews - the one I did with Hymie Wyse is on youtube now, and in about a week I'll be adding an interview I did with Colin Oliver, with him reading some of his poetry and talking about the process of writing poetry from this Clarity. (Colin's latest book of poetry is now available in our bookshop.) There are more interviews to follow. And we continue to publish some of these interviews with subtitles in various languages - including English. Here are some links: French; Japanese; Dutch; Slovenian; English. And here are all the interviews (without subtitles).

In August we published the pdf of The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by Douglas Harding - thanks to the work of Navi and her army of volunteers! What a great achievement. So, this great book is now available as a downloadable file. And we have also just published as an eBook the condensed version which Douglas wrote after he had finished the massive original version. Both books are available in the bookshop. You will also find The Little Book of Life and Death there.

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