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Accepting what is true?

A scientist on a radio programme I was listening to recently was describing the scientific process of testing a hypothesis with experiments. Scientists test a theory, and test it, again and again, every way they can. And then finally, after exhaustive tests, they accept the result – remaining open to the fact that in the future it may be disproved, or at least improved upon.

It’s the same with seeing who you really are – you test the hypothesis that you are not what you look like, and you keep testing it. Again and again.

(Of course, it’s much easier and cheaper to carry out a Seeing experiment than to do many of today’s experiments in physics, for example. And whereas in the science of objects you often rely on the findings of others, with Seeing - the science of the Subject - you never do. You rely only on your own experience, here and now.)

And then, each time you test this proposition about yourself and see who you really are, you accept the result – not forever, but now, in this present moment.

Or do you? Do you now, in your mind and heart, say Yes to what you see to be true? Or do you conveniently overlook it, carrying on as if you are only what you look like?

Each of us can answer this question only for ourselves, in this present moment, here and now.


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