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A Growing Network of Friends

There's a headless seers group that meet each month in Fremantle, Western Australia, at Gurukula, the home of Pete and Pearl Sumner. Here's the blurb Pete put together for the next meeting. (Pete and Pearl's website is

Come and be part of a growing network of friends around the world who are enjoying seeing Who they really are. As Richard Lang explains: When 'seers' are together, it's essentially a non-verbal experience - I see that I have your face as my own, that you are within me. Seeing this doesn't have to involve words.

At the same time, it's a pleasure to share our different views from this one indivisible Source. As we do so, we hear everyone's voice in this one awake Silence - we are capacity for one another, we become one another. This is a deep kind of love. And whether we are with friends or alone, the life of a 'seer' is a life of deeper and deeper trust and surrender.

When you see Who is within you, then it makes sense to hand over to that One and let it live your life. Such a life of surrender is a great adventure. Seers see that their hands and legs, their voice and mind, in reality belong to the One - and as they attend to this reality, moment by moment, and honour Who they really are, they discover what the One within them gets up to through them!

It's often not what you would expect. Right now the One within me is writing to the One within you, about being One and many!

Seers are those who see what is actually given, rather than what they are told to see. They are simple enough to look. And so they see that they are face to no-face with others, they are capacity for others. This is a deep kind of love.

They see that they are still whilst the world moves - this is profoundly relaxing. They see that their face in the mirror gets older, but their no-face doesn't - their True Self will never die. This is the end of the fear of death. They see that they are - things come and go, but Being IS. This is joy - the joy that has no shadow.

And they see that all things come from the One within them. Realizing the power and love of their True Self, they recognize the wisdom of saying Yes! to what it gives them, moment by moment.

If you would like to trade faces with friends at Gurukula, then we would love that too.





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