The Headless Way
Direct access to our
essential nature is a human right
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This is an unlisted page, not for general public attention.

Here are links for the weekly headless online zoom video meetings.
Generally these meetings are by invitation only,
but if you have found your way here, I guess you have been invited!
Participants need to have some idea of the headless way – 
some genuine connection with it. At the very least, you should have done

some of the experiments on the website. Any questions, contact Richard

Please bookmark this page if you are interested in joining us. If you click on a link now,
you will automatically join that meeting, even if you are joining at a time
other than the dedicated time, in which case no one else will be there!

Meetings are usually one hour long. There is no charge. You are warmly invited to join us.

Note that you may need a password to enter the meeting.


Monday 8pm London time. John Hawkins gives a free introductory workshop each week on zoom. 
For more information, email John: 

Monday 7pm USA Pacific time    password: headless

Wednesday 3pm London time    password: headless

Wednesday 6:30–7:30pm London time. Headless way women's group.  password: headless

Thursday 7:30pm London time

Thursday 8pm Paris time: French-language meeting.

Friday 2pm London time  password: headless

Saturday 5pm London time  password: headless

Sundays 4pm Western Australia time (8am London time in winter, 9am London time in summer)    password: headless

Sunday 5pm London time  password: headless



Movement zoom session, after each Saturday meeting, using the same url as the Saturday meeting. 6pm UK time. We will experiment with this, during January and perhaps February, and then see if we want to continue.

Online workshop with Richard Lang. Sunday 14th February, 2021, 7–9:00pm UK time. There is a small charge for this workshop. Organised by the Psychedelic Society. Register here.

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7pm Pacific Time. Christine Lema is hosting the group "Not Two" Tuesday which encourages creative endeavours to happen within the "single eye". This could include Headless cooking, dancing, art, music, poetry, gardening, walking, or...?... Starting October 6th, 2020.   password: headless

First Sunday of the month, 7pm UK time: Bill Garside hosts this meeting: "This group is for anyone who has something 'cooking'... a doubt or difficulty or an inspiration... new to "Seeing" or not... and who would like to share it and air it with others."
Same url as the Sunday 5pm meeting 

'The Hidden Gospel' workshop. This is a zoom meeting workshop for exploring the experiments contained in the book The Hidden Gospel, Douglas Harding's interpretation of traditional Gospel passages in the light of modern science. Meeting time: each Friday, 7:10–8:00 am PST. Click here to go to the zoom meeting. Password: headless 

We have a facebook group for people attending the zoom groups: No Head Zoom. This group is only for people who have already participated in the zoom groups. It is to facilitate communication between the members of the zoom groups. To apply to join, click here.    

Zoom Book Group. This is a weekly book group. 8pm Sunday London time. Join here.  password: headless

Best wishes,

Contact Richard 

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