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Who Are We Really?

An Experimental Approach

Video Presentation by Richard Lang

Ancient wisdom claims that we are not simply human. Outwardly we are human, but inwardly we are divine. According to this wisdom, the purpose of life is to awaken to our divine inner self. If we awaken to ‘who we really are’, our lives will be blessed.

In this film Richard Lang doesn’t ask us to believe this ancient wisdom. Instead, he invites us to test it using modern experiments – experiments which contrast our regional appearances with our central reality. Directly seeing our boundless, timeless centre, our innermost self, we then explore the varied and profound implications of saying Yes! to this Vision.

In 1970 Richard Lang met the philosopher Douglas Harding, author of this experimental approach. Since then Richard has devoted his life to being awake to who we really are and to sharing this Vision as widely as possible. He has published two books and a CD, and conducts workshops around the world. He hopes that this film will make awareness of our innermost self even more widely available.

The video is presented below in eight parts via Youtube. It is also available as an on demand download – all the parts in one film, 'Who are we really?'   

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