A Natural Space

On the weekend of 1-2-3 July we have rented a clearing in the woods in rural Suffolk. We've been there before, and it's a lovely spot.

There's a 16ft diameter tepee sat on a wooden platform with space outside. A large supply of cut logs for two fireplaces, and a long-drop toilet. Drinking water is supplied from the farm at about half a mile away. Nothing else but the woods, sky and space.

We'd like to spend the time coupling "seeing" times (maybe an hour morning and evening in the tepee) with absorption in the natural world.

We'd love anybody who would like to, to come and join us.

You can cook on the fire and you should bring a tent and basic equipment... the tepee will be a communal area. We can maybe help with the food, a tent or anything else that is difficult for you.

Please ring either:
Anne Cockcroft on 07739 117 476 or
Bill Garside on 07835 612 842 or 01473 404 715 (landline), or email theeyeopener@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like to come!

Speaking of the Eyeopener... the installation will be present for you to explore and comment on... Any creative input would be greatly appreciated... and any contributions to the £240 it cost us to rent the space would, naturally, be very welcome!!!
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