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September 2010
I just added a film on the website - Stepping into the Void. Some feedback:

Thank you, Richard, for a very calm and truthful move into the spacelessness of NOW, the invisible placelessness of being right here, right now. This Awareness is already present, awaiting discovery. It isn't a becoming... It's already BEING. And the world is recognized as included. Trudy.

Beautiful story with the woman thank you! Your practices are really great...kinda intense! Thanks so much for sharing these with everyone! Yogisrock.

Thanks for the reminder to step into the void over and over again! Blessings, Aloka.

I so look forward to the materials you point out to us. What a joy to read and remember who we are at zero point! Florence.
What I like about headlessness is that it has no dialect, just space. For me it makes the essential difference between this and the non-duality paradigm. Whilst I think people like Scott Kiloby, Jeff Foster, Unmani et al are, possibly genuine embodiments of a new way of being, so many people seem to ape the language and feel that that in itself is an expression of emancipation. As soon as that happens it just becomes another ideology, as restrictive, divisive and oppressive as any other. The headless vision has no such restriction: it no-faces life with astonishing courage, open-mindedness and humility. It doesn't shy away from anything. I always come back to this: Douglas Harding was a true genius, showing us the way, and Richard is doing the same. Whilst others pretend to be 'democratic', saying they aren't gurus, in effect they are exactly that: Douglas and Richard are never anything other than human, and never allow headlessness to be anything other than immediately accessible. Rupert.

Thank you so much Richard. Not only were these [film] clips incredibly thought provoking but the way the whole thing was presented was so clear and delivered with such understanding and compassion. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Jill.

Dear Richard, First of all I apologize for my English. I’m Italian and it is not so easy to find the right words to express what I would like to say, really it is not easy to find words…
Thank You very much for the immense gift I’m receiving from You from Your writings and especially from Your experiments. It was by chance that I find the link to your website in Facebook.
It is a lot of time I'm interested in “this thing”. I have read a lot and also met masters and I can say that I already had glimpses (very important to me anyway) of “who I am” before doing Your experiments. But Your approach to this is really fantastic!!!!!! Before it was not so clear, I mean it was clear but not so present (come and go). Now it is!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you…. I can’t stop to say thank you. The pointing experiment is so clear that it would be enough to know even if all the other information and experiments really help me to clarify the entire picture…
I’m so thirsty and I am reading your information and instructions every moment I can be free during the day and the most important thing is that at anytime I can be present to this more and more, not just glimpses, but it is only a matter to pay attention and immediately I got it, always present, always available.
It is so easy!!!! Why the ancient masters haven’t talked so clearly before? May be it was not the right time to talk and people were not prepared to received such a beautiful news to accept such a discovery??!! Anyway now there are the right “tools”!
Everything is so clear that I have no questions for the moment. Anyway I will write You again for sure not only for questions but also to share all this I'm discovering now. Lots of love. Shanti.

Dear Richard, I'm very happy, touched and thankful for your video experiments, because I'm always looking for the simplest way to enjoy and to show the only truth. Now I wished, that you could give us your wonderful DVD in German language too, how we can see that on "you tube"? My best wishes for your "both" identitys and thank you very much... Vivian

It is available with German subtitles - yours, Richard.

Hi Richard. This is really an amazing breakthrough. I have followed a lot of good speakers who all use the language of 'pointing to the truth', but this pointing to yourself explains it all without words and in a very direct and profound way. I look forward to doing all the experiments and will get back to you with my findings...

... I have practised lots of different things from Celtic Spirituality to Zen, Tai Chi and back again. More recently checking out the ideas on Advaita and I listen to Mooji who is very good. Eckhart Tolle is of course top of my list after the Dalai Lama. What struck me was they are all talking about pointing to THAT... but no one thought of pointing to where it is... one's own self. I guess pointing is not a polite thing to do in the first place... but it makes a lot of sense now. Thank you, Richard, for spreading it around. Mary

Hi Richard, just to let you know that your new videos are great - really. Many thanks for this! Frank.

For many years I have been interested in Eastern Spirituality and I remember coming across the Headless website a few years ago in my spiritual journey. My first response to headlessness was of joy but when that died down I forgot about it and returned to my Eastern Spirituality in the form of a Chan practice. Recently I entered into a state of depression and my Chan practice was not helping. One of my friends said that when things were tough he would look at them from a 10 degree angle. By doing this he found most of his problems disappeared. When he said this, I remembered Douglas' way which was to look at things from a 180 degrees, i.e. back at the self that was looking out. I returned to the website and reread my Headless books - On Having No Head, and To Be And Not To Be - and rediscovered that initial joy. This time, however, I have continued to follow this way and I have found living from this central peace has helped me immensely. My confidence has come back and continues to grow and grow and, as a result, I am enjoying life again. I am very grateful to Douglas. Nick.

August 2010

I knew you'd be pleased that I found great joy in my drawing class today because of my awareness of there being nothing here but capacity for what I am drawing or looking at. What freedom, Richard, to toss out the whole self-criticism, and dialogue about how good my drawing is compared to anyone else or how accurate or anything. What a relief! I could see the vitality of what I was looking at without the burden of self-consciousness. Thanks, to you and dear Douglas. Florence.

I am reading 'The Light That I Am' by Amberchele. After more than 30 years of spiritual reading, meditation etc. I found it to be the definitive book that answers practically all my questions. Now it is just up to me to SEE! What an incredible book! Marco.

Thank you, Richard, for writing 'Seeing Who You Really Are'. I previously thought maybe I am a little slow at getting it. Perhaps my mind has been conditioned by Zen which says it takes years to discover one's True Nature. But now I realize that I just have to do the exercises and be patient. Keith.

The more that I do the pointing experiment and experience the clear and border-less space, the more this awareness appears spontaneously. Eva.

This is amazing, how much 'head' way you are making with this! It's exciting to see all of this magic happening! Thank you for keeping me in the loop! Curt.

Richard, I did a workshop with you many years ago in Melbourne, Australia. I'm now in Byron Bay, Australia. Just a short and quick note - of 'thanks'. Thanks for keeping up this network. The workshops. The 'headless circles'.... Thank you for the reminder of spaciousness, timelessness, and love. Hanson.

Dear Richard, Thank you so very much how freely you share. Such beauty could only come from the Source. I have seen over and over how we are experiencing the same, but using different words to try and explain (via creating a symbol) for others to look at and hopefully understand. Christ spoke in parables. May your journeys all be productive as you fish for other headless beings who don't yet realize they are headless. Sending Love, Edna.

I have recently been exposed to material about non-duality and I find no conflict with Douglas' and your teaching. I am reading Joan Tollifson's books and have recently read an excellent Advaita summary written by 'Sailor' Bob Adamson, What's Wrong with Right Now unless You Think About It? Next in line is Leo Hartong's Awakening to the Dream, the Gift of Lucid Living, and his From self to Self. The overriding message seems no different than yours and yours is a bit quicker to understand. The 'As Is' world is real and ONE, the world of convention is a mind or mental world of hopeless inquiry. The more we can live in the 'As Is', the more aware we are of what Douglas says, we really really are! Let the thoughts go by and they will take care of themselves! Henry.

Today I was worried by the different problems I'm facing, but then it came back to me, who is facing it? I'm no face, just space. Then I just smiled, and did what I had to do. Joyful greetings, love Jess.

Many thanks for posting that long excerpt from Douglas' talk in Australia. Wonderful to see and hear it. Rob.

Dear Richard, I Am So Very Grateful You are Translating Your films into Many Languages! The clip from Douglas's 1991 Melbourne Lecture is Truly a Precious Gem of his and our Loving/Joyful Free Spirited Being. Thank YOU so much for gifting Us ALL with such a Beautiful Present Richard. With Love Always, Sperry.

The Closed Eye Experiment is the one that helped my 19 year old son have an awakening experience! He was about to enter the Army and this 'knowledge' of who he really is has helped him deal with being in the military! Thank YOU Richard!

Richard, an opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for all the work you are doing, introducing us to Douglas' way. Since attending your workshop last October, Seeing has become such an important part of my life - the recognition was immediate, and deeply transformative. Learning to live the implication is an amazing and exciting challenge.

I'm sad not to have been able to see Douglas while he was alive. Such an inspiration, a true hero that I hope will be recognized more widely for the profound change that he has brought to the lives of people and to the world. I wish you all the support and strength in keeping his legacy alive. Warmest regards, Gadi.

Hello, Richard! I'm really enjoying your series [Reflections]. I've gotten to where I actually stop what I'm doing (the unit stops what it's doing) and read your messages as they arrive. It does make a difference. I've been using them in conjunction with Adyashanti's advice to just pay attention to my ordinary, every day consciousness. My Real View is changing now. Thank you so much. Fred.

We watched the whole series a week ago and absolutely loved it. The whole segment about my thoughts "being" in the same place I am looking at has truly (and it's not the first time) shaken some notions for me. Thank you. Stacco.

Regarding the experiments video with Spanish subtitles:

¡Extraordinary!  Thank you , Richard, for such a wonderful gift. Manuel.

Congratulations and thank you very very much! Many Spanish people will be able to understand more deeply about this inner and transforming headless outlook performed by Douglas Harding. Thank you again, Albert.

Dear Richard, Thanks for the link to the subtitled video. I've sent it to many of my Spanish speaking friends here in Mexico and in El Salvador. It's great to have the resource. In friendship, John.

July 2010
Regarding this year's Summer Gathering in Salisbury:

Dear Richard, Just a few words to thank you for your contribution in making the Summer Gathering a truly wonderful event. Although a little apprehensive before arrival it was a relief to find the group to be the most warm, friendliest people you would ever wish to meet and in a fabulous setting. I have to confess that on the first evening I felt like the solitary little kid who can't swim, while his mates are all having fun splashing about; getting the pointing experiment was not my problem, it was the feeling that everybody appeared to see more. The next day, however, through the workshops and chatting to people in the group, I really began to get an insight into what Seeing was all about.

Since arriving home I have watched the DVDs of Douglas' workshops in Sweden and Melbourne and one of the points he made was the need to practise Seeing. In 'Face to No-Face' he says 'The second step is to go on practising it till it's natural to be natural.' Being aware of Seeing for all the waking day is quite a task but I have been quite successful in the last few days. It is really just having the determination to succeed, and keeping the momentum going. Ray.

"...illuminating and rare days". Olof.

"The air of the Gathering was very sweet. How the heart opens..." Colin.

I have read four books by Douglas Harding and while I did most of his experiments and can see (literally) his point, that seeing has not caused any particular improvement in my life. I wonder what is lacking in the method proposed. I suspect that there must be a reason why most mystics have devoted time and effort (meditation etc.) to reach their exalted level of being. Marco.

I work part-time as a mediator. Yesterday, I mediated a divorce case for a couple that has been married for over 40 years. Lots of tension and friction in the room as they were both present with their attorneys. I made a conscious effort though to be capacity for them and to not get caught up in all of the feelings. I was space for the conflict, yet remained free and empty myself. After our joint meeting, I separated the couple and continued to meet with them individually, working towards a mutual agreement on division of their property. Eventually, we reached an agreement, and I am convinced that by attending to the space I find myself to be, I was able to convey this openness to the couple I was working with. What a tremendous way of being, Face to No-Face, provides us not only in conflict, but in all situations. Thanks Richard for sharing this. Bill.

Just wanted to write you and tell you what a rewarding experience it is to be continuing on the headless path. Lately, I've really been internalizing the experience of not moving while moving, which I think is amazing. It has made my work so much more efficient because I'm using so much less energy than before. And, you know, when I taught classical piano years ago, I used to tell my students that they could make the piano move by turning this way and that (they probably thought I was crazy!), which makes a profound difference in playing (as opposed to attacking a still, unmoving object, a piece of furniture - the piano actually dances with you as you play), but I never transferred my experience at the piano to my everyday life. Douglas Harding's teachings fill in all the gaps, don't they?!

I love the quotes associated with stillness that I see in the various books published that deal with headlessness. But there is one I'd like to add that I've never seen associated with this wonderful realization - that we are always, at centre, home, we never go anywhere, we never move, always at peace, utterly still, and alone. And yet, there is no loneliness here because we all share this empty space, room fulfilling. The quote is from Matthew: "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain 'move from here to there' and it will move." I don't think there is any question, for me at least, that Jesus was referring to this wonderful power! John.

I have been a student, albeit slowly, of "Having no head" since I met Douglas in 1986. Thank you for this beautiful gateway into the truth of what is. With deep gratitude and blessings, Chuck.

I am still finding the reading of the Reflections interesting, enjoyable and profitable. I am also coming to the end of Head Off Stress, which I find very radical, enjoyable and optimistic. Warm regards, Maurice.

I am finding this concept very powerful. In fact, in all the years of seeking, the pointing exercise created an instant shift. I could see it all. Christine.

I recently came across your website through a link on Stillness Speaks. I want to thank you for your beautiful and clear way of expressing truth. I have been reading a lot on nonduality, over the past 12 months and I found your experiments, videos and writings to simplify all. I am sharing your site with many... I am deeply grateful for all that you are sharing. Thank you. Kyla.

I honestly don't think I have got anything so quickly and profoundly. Just point at your face to see there is only the all there. (Message sent to Kyla)

I've just seen the experiment videos on the site. I have to say they are very good. I think the ones dealing with thoughts and their location (out there!) are really useful, as it seems to be thoughts that cause all the trouble. Anyway, well done. Michael.

June 2010

Hi Richard. I particularly enjoyed this Reflection (#58). The Peace which surpasses all understanding! FREEDOM in it's purest sense. There is a state beyond Joy, beyond contentment, beyond Mind - it's called Spiritual Essence, or what I like to call Freedom. Not freedom (with a small f) but real Freedom. Not just the absence of everyday concerns or worries, but total and abiding FREEDOM within the Self. Peace, my brother, George.

Thanks so much for these Reflections. I really look forward to receiving them. The Closed Eyes Experiment is one of my favorites. I use it as a morning meditation, which I consider as practice time. By practicing this sense of emptiness/capacity and 'I Am-ness', I find I can better live it during the day. It is as an athlete takes batting practice (in baseball terms), or does any other drill. It is not to be good in the practice itself, but to carry the practice into the game. Through Seeing, life becomes not a burden but a great big game we can all play and enjoy. Bill.

Thank you for sending these wonderful videos of your presentation of the experiments. Thanks for taking the time to make them. I appreciate them. Keep them coming. Joe.

Reflection #102 was a beautiful reminder of the peace that one can experience at center no matter what seems to be happening in the illusory outer world. Than you once again for your continued love and support in helping me to remember and to see my no face. Blessings, Michael.

Hi Richard, Just a line to thank you for the continuing transmission of the Reflections, and to let you know that I am still interested and enjoying them. I am also reading Head Off Stress and Religions of the World with much satisfaction. Regards, Maurice.

I always appreciate the sense of peace that accompanies these Reflections. In this one I particularly appreciated the reminder of the necessity for acceptance of the lack of perfection in the human condition and that lack of perfection being no barrier to that ever present and ever available sense of Peace. Warm wishes, Carol.

Always here: "I attend to what is nearer to me than my breathing..." How perfect! How simple and transformative. Thank you. Sending love. Edna.

I finally watched the film today. It is very well done. A.C.

I just finished watching your 4-part video presentation. It has had a calming and centering effect on me that leaves me feeling expansive, empowered and peaceful and not necessarily at the effect of the world anymore. I now see that I encompass the world in a way I never have before. The message is made more powerful because one experiences what you are talking about within one's own awareness... right then and there... real time. The world flows within my awareness. Is this technique taught to school children? I can see it helping them be less fearful of what can seem to be an overwhelming, predatory, hostile, and confusing world. Once done, the resultant feeling of peace can be easily recalled because one is always at the centre of one's world. Thank you for this. Fred.

This is the most wonderful website I've come across. I refer to it daily. As a child, I remember, they called me by a name until I responded, and of course now they won't stop. I didn't like the name. But, over time we all become accustomed to our 'given' names, and begin to think that personality actually exists. After all, everyone is playing the same game. Eventually we cede to the lie.

The experiments give one the opportunity to experience the truth. I've known the truth for some time, but it isn't the same as experiencing the truth. I believe experienced is essential. It's one thing to know the stove is hot to the touch, it's another thing to get a blister from the learning experience. Mere knowledge has no impact. Fondest regards! M.

I just watched your Youtube experiment video clips. Great work. They are fantastic. The whole planet will be converted to Seeing in no time... MC

May 2010

I've had the immense pleasure of knowing Douglas. I met him about four times, and I twice spent a whole week with him, in a workshop in France. What he says is very deep, but only now I realize you have to 'rehearse' the experiments regularly, in order to deepen the insight... V.F.

This morning while driving down a country road on a lovely spring day, I clearly thought, "It's Sunday. Today is the day a sane-making message awaits me from Richard and Douglas. Hooray!" Thanks so much for your caring work. To the best of my abilities, I listen to and very much appreciate it. Katherine M.

Thank you so much for what the "headless way" has meant in my life: a well of unimaginable depth of pure joy, which I know I've barely begun to discover. Sincerely, AP.

I discovered Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious, way back in the 80’s. It was a stunning insight. I got “headlessness.” The thing is I forgot about it somewhere in the late 80’s. Then over the next 20 or so years I would think on it but for some reason I wouldn’t take up the practice to develop inward seeing. Lately I’ve been focusing on inward seeing/no-headedness (often accompanied by chuckles and laughter). There is something that occurred the other day that was a new thought for me that I wanted to share with you. In Zen Buddhism it is said that Bodhidharma sat staring at a wall for 30 years. And Zen monks practice by sitting and staring at a wall. It occurred to me this was a “headlessness” teaching. Here’s my reasoning: Bodhidharma attained “enlightenment”. It is said that Bodhidharma sat staring at a wall for 30 years. Zen monks take this literally and follow his teaching by physically sitting and facing a wall (eyes half closed, looking downward). But maybe the Bodhidharma story is misunderstood. Maybe the “wall” Bodhidharma was looking at was flat, deep, clear, unmarked, unchanging, ageless space that is seen through no-headedness. Garry.

I do not know how to thank you for pointing me to the great treasure which is always with me but overlooked. The exercises just clicked and did the magic. I now truly understand the true teachings of Ramana, Nisargadatta, Atmananda and other Advaita masters. It's wonderful. If I look back and observe, I have always been that. I am the background, I am the subject-object and the world. In me is everything and the appearance of everything is dependent on my existence. Now it makes sense of transcending even this state (which we do anyways in dreamless state) to abide in our original nature, which is being, existence and bliss. I can relate and understand with pristine clarity what these teachings are pointing to.

My happiness and love needs no boundaries. I am love. You have to be in the state to experience. I do not even call this an experience, as you need an experiencer which in this case it is completely dissolved and left with pure space like awareness. Being in this state does not require any effort and no knowledge is necessary to validate as I include all this. My regards. AB.

Starting as a child, the questions, "I Am what? What AM I? Why Am I here? have always been in the forefront of my life. This led me to read as much (and I still read) as I can on the subject of enlightenment. Out of all the stuff I read, headlessness (Buddhism is a close second) was the easiest and best way to help me comprehend "the big questions" I carry with me. Harding's teachings cuts right through all of that Ancient rhetoric that holds us back and gets right to the point. Too cool! T.M.

Thank you so much for the Reflections course. Each email is a welcome reminder that there are it seems, many, many others living from this view. Although ultimately I am alone, on the human level, it's heartening and reassuring to be reminded that there are many knowingly living as this Love. And in this, 'we' are 'all One'. Peace and gratitude. Siobhan.

April 2010
I just found this clip on Youtube in which Richard clearly disagrees with other non-dualist speakers, with regard to the existence of the 'private' self. I find this so refreshing! When I read other non-dualists speaking about the non-existence of the (little) self, I almost feel 'guilty' for not feeling 'One' the whole time (of course they do not intend to make me feel guilty, but that's the effect). I find this approach far more realistic: yes, we are 'One', but we are 'Many' also. Nothing has gone wrong! Thanks, Richard!!!

March 22, 2010
I think it's so interesting all the different ways "It" is experienced. When I first made conscious contact I used the word "nothingness and emptiness" to describe "It". Now "it" is so alive, full and vibratory. All inclusive. Life. It tickles from within. And no matter what words I use to describe "It", "It" doesn't change! Gratefully It's always here.

I am so appreciative of the simplicity of the Headless Way. I was listening to a well-known spiritual teacher's radio program on Thursday and the verbal pointers used made "It" sounds so mysterious and difficult to "get". No wonder so many spiritual seekers don't find. I like the finger pointers best!

March 21, 2010

The book 'The Science of the 1st Person' is an excellent read, to go deeper into the truth. Douglas inspires us to look at many different aspects of life and see the truth. And as you know... the truth will set you free! Guido.

March 18, 2010
What I love about the Headless Way is that there is nothing that needs to be believed or for the mind to try to get. It shows me a snapshot of what is now without anything made up. What Grace. With Love, Barbara.

February/March 2010
Thank you Richard, for helping to re-awaken me. I was introduced to Douglas at his home in Nacton by a neighbour of mine in 1985 and was astonished by the results of that visit. I returned to informal gatherings a number of times over the next couple of years and practised losing my head and finding that peace and stillness where it had been. When my wife and I moved on I seemed to forget. On reflection, it was like returning to sleep. I think I have mostly slept for 25 years, until I found the website. Once again I am awake! Thank you. I will look forward to these Reflections from now on. Charlie.

You have found a key to something of absolute importance, I think - I have been walking around all day feeling a bit like the Cheshire cat, my smile appearing from an invisible space. I find your approach immensely refreshing. Rupert.

Last week, by complete accident (or is anything ever a complete accident?) I found a link to the Headless Way website. It sounded whacky... but being a fairly experiential person, when I read the world 'experiments', and knowing I had some idle moments, I decided to give them a go.

Exercise 1 - the pointing exercise. I point at the walls of my boat, at the table, at my knee, at my hand. I take in the shape and form, the edges and boundaries and the space between. I really look. And then I turn my pointing finger towards myself, towards my eyes. I feel my eyes going cross-eyed, trying to turn my eyeballs backwards to look at myself. Then... WHAM... I'm looking into unbounded space. I am unbounded space. I jot down these notes as I look:

I see... like... amazing... inside me is unbounded space, the universe. Infinity... I am both the person looking and the unbounded space, the looker and the being looked at the same time. Shakti and Shiva. Clear mountain stream clarity, infinite, but not cold, the universe...

I find I can access this unbounded space at will (although it takes some conscious choice to do so, and as yet is difficult to combine with everyday life). It is no longer an either/or - it's an 'AND'. Fantastic! I am me as my body and physical being, AND I am the unbounded space. I do not have to choose, or long for the unbounded space, or regret I am in my body. I can look inwards and see myself as unbounded space, and outwards and there I am in the physical universe. I can move at will between these perspectives. I am full of joy and calm and peace... Yours, in quiet amazement, Carol.

Hi Richard, I just received your 2nd Reflection thru my email at yahoo. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving us the opportunity to take your e-course. I happen to see the headless way about a week ago and upon reading the experiments, without a se

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