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Working Miracles


The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth, A New Diagram of Man in the Universe.  Faber & Faber, 1952. (Preface by C.S. Lewis.) Abridged edition. Also available as an eBook.

The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth. The Shollond Trust, 1998. Reproduction of original full manuscript, now out of print. The full manuscript is now available as a downloadable pdf. A truly amazing book. 

Visible Gods. 1955. (Will be published by The Shollond Trust in 2012.) Available as an eBook.

The Universe Revalued. The Saturday Evening Post, 1961. (Article.)

On Having No Head,  An Introduction to Zen in the West. London Buddhist Society, 1961. Available as a downloadable audio book. Also available as an eBook

Religions of the World. Heinemann, 1966.

The Face Game. Bulletin of the International Transactional Analysis Assoc. April, 1967. (Article.)

The Toolkit for Testing the Incredible Hypothesis. Shollond Publications, 1972. (Out of print.)

The Science of the 1st Person. Shollond Publications, 1974. Also available as an eBook

The Youniverse Explorer model and audio tape. Shollond Publications, 1976. A new version has been produced in 2014 and is now available to purchase.

The Hidden Gospel. 1976. (Will be published by The Shollond Trust.). Available as an eBook

On Having No Head. (Video.) Shollond Publications, 1980. Also available as an eBook

The Little Book of Life and Death. Penguin, Arkana, 1988. Also available as an eBook.

Head Off Stress. Penguin, Arkana, 1990. Also available as an eBook.

The Trial of the Man who said he was God. Penguin, Arkana, 1992. Also available as an eBook

The Spectre in the Lake. Head Exchange Press, 1996. Also available as an eBook;

Look For Yourself. Head Exchange Press, 1996. (Will be republished by The Shollond Trust.) Available as an eBook

Face to No-Face. Inner Directions, 2000. Edited by David Lang

To Be and Not To Be. Watkins, 2002. Also available as an eBook

Open To The Source. Inner Directions, 2005. Edited by Richard Lang

Turning Point. 2006. (Will be published by The Shollond Trust, probably in 2014.) Available as an eBook

We have more books awaiting publication, including Visible Gods, Turning Point, and The Hidden Gospel. Currently these books are available as eBooks. We will announce their publication on our website, and via Reflections and the Newsletter. There are many articles not included in this list that were published in various magazines. 


Melbourne Lecture
On Having No Head
Interview with Douglas Harding - His Life & Philosophy. (Interviewer: Richard Lang)
Sweden Workshop - Douglas Harding 1992


Melbourne Lecture - CD and download.
On Having No Head, read by Richard Lang - download.


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