A method of self-enquiry
pioneered by Douglas Harding



The Shollond Trust
Richard Lang
A Course in Seeing


Richard Lang is Co-ordinator of the Shollond Trust, the UK charity set up in 1996 to help share the Headless Way as widely as possible in the world. He first saw who he really was when he attended a workshop with Douglas Harding in 1970. He is committed to making this Vision as widely available as possible. If you have a way in which you can help in this endeavour, or would like to invite him to give a workshop in your part of the world, please contact him.

Richard's first book, Seeing Who You Really Are, was published by Watkins in 2003. His second book, Open to the Source - Selected Teachings of Douglas Harding, was published by Inner Directions in 2005. Richard has also produced a CD, Discovering Your True Self, and a DVD, Who Are We Really?. All of these publications are available through our bookshop. Richard has also produced other videos about Seeing, including interviews with Seeing friends.