A method of self-enquiry
pioneered by Douglas Harding



Rating The Experts
Harding’s Way
Not In Prison
Letters From Home
Handling Problems
Two Days
A True Beginning
In Memoriam
The Bomb
A Useful Tool
Face to No-Face
Sharing It With Children
Stage Fright
Douglas Dying
Remarks on Enlightenment
A View of Bankei
Letter to Martin
Gordian Knot
Seeing Into Nothingness
My Special Friend


On the left are a selection of articles by different people that explore the meaning and implications of discovering Who you really are.

Several articles by Douglas Harding are also available.

"Whereas the Experience of our Nature is served up (if at all) complete in one infinitely generous helping, its meaning is for the most part withheld. Normally it's doled out in driblets, at other times poured out more generously, but never given in its entirety. The last word about This is never said, the ultimate and all-embracing idea of it is never conceived, the deepest feeling never plumbed." (From the article, "The Experience and the Meaning" by Douglas Harding.)